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Watch Lesson 06: Books

Watch Lesson 06: Books

Up Next in KonMari Method™: Fundamentals of Tidying

  • Lesson 07: Papers

    Marie’s plan for papers? Get rid of all of them! For those you must keep, she shares her foolproof system for categorizing and organizing them.

  • Lesson 08: Komono (Miscellaneous Items)

    Tidying komono, or miscellaneous items, can be daunting – but not for Marie. She coaches you on how to tidy all of your stuff one sub-category at a time.

  • Lesson 09: Sentimental Items

    When you tidy by category in the order prescribed by the KonMari Method™ – clothes, books, papers, komono and sentimental items – you strengthen your sensitivity to what sparks joy. Now that you’ve arrived at the most challenging category – your keepsakes, treasures and cherished mementos – you h...